Now a book on the saint who sacrificed his life for the cause of river Ganga

Water activist and writer Arun Tiwari pens down his comprehensive interactions with Professor GD Agrawal aka Swami Sanand just before the scientist turned sadhu sacrificed his life for Ganga

Here is an upcoming book, on Swami Gyanswroop Sanand. It’s about the journey of a Professor of IIT, Kanpur, then first member secretary of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), then about Professor GD Agrawal renouncing the world to become Swami Gyanswaroop Sanand; and about the realization also, that he expressed as “I realized that, this need to be done by me; My birth happened for Ganga Ji; I will do it”. He died on 11th, October 2018, on the 111th day of his indefinite fast to press for his demand for a separate legislation to ensure incessant flow and purity of the holy Ganga. This was the 6th fast that he had undertaken for Ganga.

This book is an attempt to take his mission, his thoughts and more importantly his understanding of river Ganga, to the people so that the supreme sacrifice that he made for Ganga is not wasted. It’s about the factors that led a teacher-scientist-engineer to renounce worldly pleasures to become a Sanyasi with just one mission- to serve mother Ganga and to lay down his life.for her cause.

It’s also about the roles played in his upbringing by his family and his life in Roorkee Engineering College and Banaras Hindu University.

The upcoming book is result of 6 sittings of 26 hours in 2 days conversation between Swami Ji and Mr. Arun Tiwari, a writer on water issues. This conversation had happened originally in Hindi on 110th and 111th day of Swami Ji’s fast for Ganga Ji in 2013.

The English version is under process of translation by Dr. Vineet Tiwari, anEx-Asstt. Professor (Physics), Banasthali University, Rajasthan.

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