Is the government responsible for Swami Sanand’s death?

His followers suspect foul play

File photo of Swami Sanand resting on the lap of his spiritual guru Swami Avimukteshwaranand Saraswati

By Deepak Parvatiyar

Haridwar: Two videos have surfaced, one showing Prof GD Agrawal aka Swami Sanand protesting before the district authorities against their move to shift him to hospital (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) from his ashram, Matri Sadan; and another showing his associate Swami Shivanand clearly telling the authorities that they would be responsible if anything happened to the Swami, on 10th October.


Prof Agrawal was “forcibly” taken to the hospital where he died of cardiac arrest on 11th October. Hours before his death he had issued a handwritten press release stating that he had allowed the doctors to administer potassium both orally as well as Intravenous.


Soon after his death, Swami Sanand’s  spiritual guru Avimukteshwaranand Saraswati had demanded a CBI inquiry into the circumstances that led to Sanand’s death and asked for the post mortem. Swami Shivanand too in another video, had claimed that the Swami was “murdered”. A Matri Sadan release stated that it had already expressed their fear that a conspiracy was being hatched to “murder the Swami”.

The Swami, who had been agitating since 22nd June 2018 for a separate Ganga legislation based on a draft prepared by a team including him in 2012 and had objected to the new draft legislation of 2017 which he claimed to have diluted certain provisions that were made in the 2012 draft. He had written letters to the Prime Minister too in this regard and was dismayed at not getting any response from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After his death, Modi expressed his sorrow in a tweet.

RSS leader remembers Sanand as a pious soul

In the meantime, a senior leader of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Indresh Kumar, remembered Swami Sanand as a pious soul who “did a lot” for Ganga. Speaking to media at the sidelines of the release of a book published by London based publishers, “Narendra Modi — A charismatic & Visionary Statesman”  in New Delhi last night, Kumar turned philosophical and said while death was not in anyone’s control, Swami Sanand died for a good cause on the auspicious occasion of Navratris, and shall be blessed with a place in heaven.

Grief, Shock across the country

Meanwhile mourners flooded social media with expressions of shock and anguish. In a message, PV Rajagopal, founder of Ekta Parishad stated: “This news (of Swami’s death) should shake every Indian as they know the present Prime Minister went all the way to Banaras to contest the election and he said Ganga had called him as if he was called to protect Ganga. We all know what was done in the last four years to protect Ganga other than some good words. GD Agrawal was always there reminding the Government and Mr. Modi about his promises. This is a sad moment that the promises are gone, life of Ganga is gone and the person who kept on reminding the Government is also gone…”

Sanjay Singh, national convener of Jal Jan Andolan supporting Swami Sanand’s agitation, stated that what the government was  actually required to do was a direct, meaningful dialogue with the Swami than to forcibly getting him admitted to a hospital.

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