Cutting across party lines, 13 Opposition MPs write letter to PM over the neglect of Holy Ganga

The letter signifies Ganga could become a rallying point for Opposition Unity in ensuing General Elections

By Deepak Parvatiyar

New Delhi: Showing solidarity over the contentious issue of Ganga, 13 Members of Parliament from the Opposition ranks have dashed a letter under the aegis of lndian Parliamentarians Forum For Save Ganga & Himalayas to Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing their concern over prolonged fast and “sad” demise of Swami Sanand (Dr. G.D.Agrawal) and “sudden disappearance” of Sant Gopaldas and ongoing fast of a seer Brahmchari Aatmbodhanand in continuation of the fast of Swami Sanand demanding a legislation for a free flowing aviral Ganga.

File photo of late Prof GD Agrawal while addressing media after his meeting with Uma Bharti on the 43rd day of his indefinite fast for a separate Ganga legislation at his ashram Matri Sadan, on August 3, 2018

Members cutting across the party line have in the letter, raised concerned and demanded cancellation of dams to ensure Aviral Dhara. The letter signifies that Ganga could be major issue and a rallying point for the Opposition parties in the upcoming general elections.

The letter dated 20th December 2018, copy of which is in possession of, has referred to four reference points:

1. “Our letter addressed to you dated l2-08-20I6 for the cause of aviral Ganga.

2. Our meeting with you on 30-1 l-2016 for the cause of aviral (incessant flow of) Ganga.

3. Debate under 193 in Lok sabha on 19-12-2011 and 14,16-A5-2012 for the conservation of Ganga and Himalayas.

4. Debate on 04-09-2013 in Lok Sabha initiated by Leader of opposition on disaster of June-2013 demanded cancellation of dams on Ganga.

The MPs who signed the letters are Revati Raman Singh, Ram Gopal Yadav, Ravi Prakash Verma, Sanjay Seth (all Samajwadi Party), Manoj Kumar Jha (Rashtriya Janata Dal), Majid Memon (Nationalist Congress Party), Jairam Ramesh, MV Rajeev Gowda, Shamsher Singh Dullo (all Congress), Jharna Das Baidya (Communist Party of India), Ram Chandra Prasad Singh (Janata Dal), CM Ramesh (Telugu Desam Party), and Sanjay Singh (Aam Aadmi Party).

Read the entire letter:Letter from MPs to PM on Ganga

The MPs wrote to the PM that “Ganga is our civilizational identity, you have shown your deep reverence and commitment towards her rejuvenation, but it is highly unforfunate that a scientist, sanyasi Dr.G.D. Agrawal had to sit on a 111 days fast and finally had to sacrifice his life under heartbreaking circumstances. We would like to bring to your notice again that issue of conservation of Ganga has been raised in the Parliament tirne to time and members across the party line have expressed their grave concern specially on the issue of Aviral Ganga. Kindly refer to our last letter dated 12.08.2016 (attached herewith) and subsequent meeting with you regarding the issue of cancellation of dams and ensure the Aviral flow of Ganga specially in her sensitive Himalayan origin valleys.

“The members across the party line have shown their concern and opposed the exploitation of Ganga and Himalayas in the name of development, the concerns raised by the members in the house in above mentioned debates under 193 have also not been considered by you. As a result, a seer had to force himself to undertake a fast, which was undermined by your Government and agenda of exploiting Ganga in the name of development has been overriding influence in your Government. This gave rise to a sheer insensitivity and lack of apathy, resulted into the sad demise of Swami Sanand.”


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