Vehicles without number plates plying unchecked in Rajgir

While on one hand the state government is trying hard to boost international tourism in this important heritage town, on the other hand the civic and security authorities continue to turn a blind eye to gross violation of rules that doesn’t go out well with such efforts to attract tourists.

The above photo of the truck without registration number was captured at Bihar Sharif _ Rajgir Road in the main Rajgir town at around 6 pm. Locals say such heavy vehicles are moving frequently on the busy roads and most of them are deployed for the construction work at Nalanda University — one of the earliest Universities in the world which was believed to be founded by the Gupta Dynasty who were ruling at the parts of present-day India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh, in the fifth century. The University had students and scholars coming all the way from as far as Tibet, China, Korea and Central Asia in quest of knowledge as it was considered a centre of excellence for Ancient Indian wisdom, Buddhist studies and philosophy, as well as Medicine, Mathematics, Astronomy and Logic. It was destroyed by the Turkish invader Bakhtiyar Khilji in 1193 and thereafter, about eight hundred years later, it was in March 2006 that former President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, mooted the idea of reviving the university. Finally Nalanda University was established on November 25, 2010 after the Nalanda University Act (2010) came into force.


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